A history of T. H. Moray's work on energy taken directly from the universe...



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The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats

A history of T. H. Moray's work on energy taken directly from the universe... This DVD contains new information never published. ($25.00)


The Sea of Energy Paperback, 5th edition, Revised



The Sea of Energy Paperback, Signed by Author, 5th edition, Revised

The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats



The Sea of Energy Hardback, Signed by Author, 5th edition, Revised

The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats



Direct Energy Conversion from Radioactive Materials




Beyond The Light-Rays Pamphlet (not the book) Published 1936




Brief History of the Moray Radiant Energy Device (prior to 1930)




Recovery of Minerals From Low Grade Ore


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T. H. Moray

Dr. T. Henry Moray

Affidavit by Harvey Fletcher

Affidavit by Harvey Fletcher

Dr. Moray and RE device

Dr. Moray and RE device

T. Henry Moray & RE device

Dr. Moray and the RE device

T. Henry Moray

Dr. T. Henry Moray

T. Henry Moray and his son

Dr. Moray

T. Henry Moray's lab

Dr. Moray's lab

T. Henry Moray's desk

Dr. Moray's desk


The T. Henry Moray Foundation is dedicated to developing any alternative form of energy. Our specific work is to standardize and develop a commercial model of T. Henry Moray's "R.E." (Radiant Energy) device. This can be done with the support of the public. Bell Laboratories took 20 years and twenty million dollars to develop their transistor. The planet cannot afford twenty years. However, costs today are not any less.

All of these would take only a moderate investment by the Government for development.

Dr. T. Henry Moray's Radiant Energy device was adequately demonstrated to this end. There are sworn affidavits to back up this claim.

Many have tried to make it appear that they can build free energy devices; however, the T. Henry Moray Foundation is the only organization that has T. Henry Moray's notes.

Your contribution to the Foundation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The Radiant Energy Device

T. Henry Moray developed over a thirty year period an energy device he called Radiant Energy, R.E., that delivered up to fifty thousand watts of power or enough to light a dozen homes at one time, in a unit not weighing fifty pounds.

Some have said this work is fiction. Others have slandered both my father and me. Plagiarists have copied the work for their own profit. For all this I am willing to forgive all my "frienemies." I know one thing; the history I have put together is true. When you and I stand before the judge of all mankind, my story will remain the same.


The affidavit to the right was given by Dr. Harvey Fletcher, of Bell Laboratory fame, who fought my father's work. Dr. Fletcher was practically on his death bed when he signed this affidavit for the Eyring Research Institute in an effort to gain a contract with NASA.

My father's (T. Henry Moray's) work is well documented, and we have kept good notes both as to the history of what happened and to his research. Many people saw him work on his energy unit as Dr. H. Fletcher did.

The fact remains that Henry Moray demonstrated this device while experimenting with it. He performed these experiments under set parameters and conditions on numerous occasions. The device always sat on a table where it was easily examined by anyone coming into the room. Descriptions given by witnesses along with photographs establish that the only leads to the device were the antenna and the ground.

On the right is a photograph of my father working on RE in the basement laboratory. He was financially unable to heat the basement at the time so he worked with his overcoat on.


As a child I learned to pray at my mother's side. She taught me to pray for my father's work. Consequently my father's work on Radiant Energy(RE) became the most important thing in my life. This was true also for my father. Often he worked round the clock to accomplish what he had in his mind. He would spend hours trying to set the "cat whisker" to the semiconductor he was building. He used the term "Moray valve" to describe numerous semiconductors of his creation. As I grew older and kept track of time I saw him work three days around the clock on RE at his laboratory.

He did everything with great gusto and enthusiasm. When he worked he worked and when he played he played. This often led to misunderstanding in our neighborhood as we were referred to as rich. I heard my mother say she did not know what she was going to do for supper as she only had fifty cents.


Every effort was made to stop his research and progress by the business interests probably known as the "Fifty" that dates back to 1850 that has deteriorated into what is known in local society as the Gadianton Robbers. The Utah Power and Light went so far as to put an electrical meter on every power pole for one and one-half city blocks. These same people resorted to slander so as to discourage interest in his project.

My own experience bore this out. At one time Dr. C. R. Benzil came to the laboratory with a lawyer to negotiate a contract on RE. They were to have one year, exclusive, to raise the money to develop, manufacture and distribute Radiant Energy. They were going great guns when one of their members came up with the wild story that my father had been in prison. They refused to disclose their sources of information and Dad did not have the resources to pursue it.

This story becomes even more ridiculous when you realize my father obtained a secret clearance from the Air Force Systems Command to do research on DIRECT ENERGY CONVERTERS RADIOACTIVE INDUCED REACTIONS. This project required we search the literature at the Armed Services Technical Information Agency facility in San Francisco, CA in order to make our proposal. Our laboratory was also given a secret clearance for the storage of this classified material.

The Research Institute

At the same time our Utah laboratory known then as The Research Institute, Inc. was listed by the Small Business Administration as a research company located in the western United States. I remember the administrator I met in Denver as his son was at East High School in 1944-45 when I was. Mr. Herzog told me not to disclose everything to the Air Force as they would only take our proposal to some larger company. We made this proposal in August 1963 to the Air Force System Command. Mr Herzog knew what he was talking about as in December when I visited Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in Pasadena, CA, at the invitation of a friend, I found out the Air Force had given a multi-million dollar contract to Sandia Company at White Sands, NM. Sandia failed because we withheld the vital secret of how to make it work. A copy of this proposal may be obtained from us for fifteen dollars or both for sixty. Postage and handling free in US.

To the right is a photo of my father's desk. It is considered a precious item in our family, and although this is a recent photograph, it is typical of my father. In retrospect I must admit I found him at the dining room table more often than at his desk.


My mother always pointed out to me that I was the one to carry on my father’s work. My reward for behaving was to be allowed to watch my father work at night before I went to bed. Dad always worked at night because the energy during the day would burn out his “detector." There was one night that stands out in my memory more than any other. I was ready for bed in my booted pajamas, and allowed to go watch dad work. I climb onto an old leather couch, next to his work table, which held the Radiant Energy ( R.E.) device. Dad had obtained some very sensitive relays to control power to the detector so as not to burn out the semiconductor.

That night he had an unexpected reaction as he worked on the RE device. When he backed away, it turned of. He walked forward toward the device and it turned on. As he backed up the second time I put my foot out and triggered the energy so the light turned on. He walked forward and I withdrew my foot the light turned off. As he got close, he turned it on and then he backed away turning the unit off. Again I put out my foot. It turned on. My father became very excited as if he found something new and rushed up stairs to get my mother. He said to mother that it sensed the distance from the unit and started to show my mother the reaction. I thought I better do it once more and, oh, my mother caught me. To interfere when dad was working was the wrong thing to do so off to bed I was sent.

When I showed interest in following the military as a profession, my mother said "if you are not going to follow in your father’s work you had better tell him as he is counting on you to carry on the work."

In nineteen forty four, Dad was told that Dr. Spears of the Spears’s Hospital in Denver was interested in R.E.. Dad had been working for years to salvage something of the R.E. device after it had been destroyed by Felix Fraser of the Rural Electrification Administration. He had been successful in rebuilding a small unit that was sufficient to light the small panel of lights. He wanted to try it out on a pilot light in the automobile to see if he could draw power while moving.

The trip started out as a disaster. Going up the canyon above Heber Utah we hit a rock. It ripped out our gas tank. We turned around and drove to Heber and made it before we were out of gas. We went to my father’s friends, the Coalman’s, and they had to put a tank in the trunk of the car and run a new fuel line. We got a very late start and went over the Never Summer range in the Rockies into Greeley, Colorado. At that point, dad turned off the RE device and brought it into the motel.

The next day we got up late and went to the park in Denver to meet Dr. Spears and his party. Dr. Benzil of Greeley CO. set up a picnic for everyone there. We set up an antenna about fifteen feet long and drove a ground about twenty inches. They, the people from Spears, began to eat but Dad could not get the R.E. unit to work. He was very alarmed and did not know what to do as the unit did not respond to the normal procedure to start it.

Finally, my mother intervened and got him to get something to eat. He left me to watch the RE unit and see if I could do anything. After about twenty minutes I observed a slight orange glow on the filament of the lights and watched it glow for another five or six minutes. Then I went to get my father and ran back to the unit.

By the time dad got there it was starting to glow a soft white light and in a few minutes was in full vivid brilliant light. As bright as a Halogen light is today. Dr. Spears seemed very impressed and he ask us to his home to talk.

At that point, I was excluded from the talk so I can’t say exactly what happened. I was flatly very annoyed not be allowed with the men. The result was that Spears insisted we leave the unit with him and if “they" liked it we would hear from them.

My Father was devastated. This was dad’s last hope to save the lab from the West Shore Oil Co. who held the mortgage. We packed up and left taking the R.E. device with us. We had been broken into so many times at the house he felt that it was safer to disassemble the RE unit with the parts hidden as he did when he worked in the basement of our home. He felt our lives were not at such great risk without a unit. The sad thing was the parts were hidden in the machine shop of the laboratory where we had a fire in the fall of 1952 which destroyed most of the parts. The cost to reproduce the unit from scratch was beyond our resources. Even if we did reproduce it what could we do? Sit up all night to protect it?

Nevertheless, we have the notes. I understand my father’s codes and what he did. I am confident if the funds were available I could finish the work if I live that long. The time will come when men will, as Nikola Tesla said, “hook their machinery to the very wheel works of nature."

Others have spent millions trying to reproduce R.E. In 1979 Harvey Fletcher Jr. lost his security clearance. Consequently Harvey Fletcher Sr. and Henry Eyring formed the Eyring Research Institute with considerable financial backing. At the time of their organization a University of Utah Professor Aften Heniger told me that Harvey Jr. was going to reproduce RE. Later in their endeavor to duplicate Radiant Energy (R.E.) the Eyring Research Institute Inc. made several proposals to NASA to obtain funding. In their efforts Harvey Fletcher Jr. obtained an affidavit from his father stating what he knew of R.E.

Dr. Fletcher erred in his statement; he was invited by my father’s attorney Robert L. Judd. The three consultants were sworn to secrecy. Of the three men, Dr. Milton Marshal, Dr. Carl Eyring and Dr Harvey Fletcher only Dr. Marshal kept his agreement.

The affidavit of Dr. Harvey Fletcher (see right above) is the clincher. As he was practically on his death bed he repented and tried to undo all the damage he and Henry Eyring had done.

James Fletcher, the oldest son of Harvey Fletcher, twice the head of NASA, knew full well the history of my father but was determined to stop my father’s work.

It was always my father and my dream that a non-profit organization would be able to build up sufficient funds to complete the work. To this end I am looking for benefactors no matter how small, to help break the bonds of the Energy Barons and free the people of the slavery we are all being sold into. There are a number of good ideas beside RE but the establishment is not willing to back them. Energy is a national security commodity. Why then are we not on the same footing as we were in WWll. It is also my hope to stimulate the entire non petroleum industry by showing there is opposition to any alternate work.

We have attempted to give a complete history of the Radiant Energy device as developed and described in Henry Moray’s book, The Sea of Energy. Henry Moray, of necessity, generated his own terminology for his original concepts. His terminology was not always the same as that in general use today. Most of his theories, developed in the 1920s and ‘30s, were innovative at the time. For example, one engineer pointed out to me recently that when Henry Moray spoke of “cosmic rays," and of “energy from the cosmos," he was not necessarily using the terms synonymously.

There are a number of plagiarists using photos and more from my book in order to make a profit. Also there are those that say I do not have the capability to finish my father’s work. This is not correct. There are also those who claim to have R.E. parts of all kinds. We know this story to be a fraud. There is an organized effort by certain Utah businessmen to discredit this work even to day. Henry Eyring said to me “don’t you know who told me to do this?". He died three weeks later. The evidence is conclusive. What Henry Moray feared about being betrayed by those whom he took into his confidence is not groundless. Their children have to insure that their fathers are not shown to be what they really are. James Fletcher could not have it said that his father took my fathers semiconductor and gave it to Bell Labs. Neither could Carl Eyring's descendant. It is a family feud embracing all the cousins. I stand alone not having such prolific ancestry.

When I lectured in Toronto Canada at an energy conference, an entire case of my books disappeared from the book store run by the conference organizers. The U.S. Post Office wrote me at one time because they found a case of books that were purchased from me destroyed in the post office garbage dumpster. The postal service was willing to pay me the insurance claim.

Some of Henry Moray’s contemporaries claimed accomplishments similar to those we have discussed here. Readers may be familiar with the claims that Alfred Hubbard of Seattle demonstrated a device in 1919 that transmitted power without wires. Lester Jennings Hendershot claimed to have a revolutionary free-energy motor in 1925-28. I have to laugh when I recall that after I published my fifth addition the Hendershot supporters published their book with my cover and artwork only in green. In 1927, a Denver newspaper reported that Fred Disclosure and E.G. Lewis had demonstrated 200 watts of energy drawn “from the air." In Michigan three years later, Chancey J. Britain was said to have produced an undisclosed wattage from his device, enough to power his own home. None of the above are well documented.

As far back as 1901, Nikola Tesla is said to have patented free energy devices, U.S. patent numbers 685957 and 685958, described in the book, NIKOLA TESLA: LECTURES, PATENTS, ARTICLES published by the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1956. I have examined the Tesla Patents and find nothing as claimed. The patents listed above are references to the detection of ultraviolet light rays. Farnsworth, Schade and Hayes as officers of the Moray Products Co. went to see Tesla. Tesla stated that he had never accomplished building a successful energy device. Therefore, he did not believe my father had discovered how to do it.

The question with any of the devices is this: How much power can it produce under experimental conditions? How well documented are the findings? Wild stories are not evidence. Undocumented newspaper stories are politics. I would be happy to evaluate the power produced in any ones discovery under a proper confidential disclosure agreement, at their expense.

The fact remains that Henry Moray demonstrated this device while experimenting with it. He performed these experiments under set parameters and conditions on numerous occasions. The device always sat on a table where it was easily examined by anyone coming into the room, so that it could be seen that the only wires entering the device were the antenna and the ground. Descriptions given by witnesses, along with photographs, more than adequately establish the validity of the device and that the only leads to the device were the antenna and ground.

We wish to invite those who have either discovered an energy source similar to Radiant Energy or any other energy source to unite with us. Only by working together under proper agreements are we going to be able to overcome the opposition to new energy sources.

I am convinced that publicity is the way to generate interest, momentum and financial support. Then people will gather around and open up the way, not only to Radiant energy, but all forms of non-polluting resources. We have two purposes in mind; to ensure freedom from the energy barons and to provide a means so T. Henry Moray’s work will be continued.

We are asking that you become involved in the work by encouraging others to see our DVD. We are looking for benefactors that will help us grow to show mankind there are other energy sources.

An impossible dream?

The World Could Be Better For This

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